Buzzer Beaters: Functioning Under Stress

One of my few "manly" pastimes is watching sports, especially basketball. In addition to the pure excitement of the contest, there is something about the strategy and consistency required for the game that fascinates me. More specifically, basketball is a game defined by changes in momentums and streaks. When a player gets "hot," it often … Continue reading Buzzer Beaters: Functioning Under Stress

Fruit Salad Failings: The Difficulty of Doing Something Simple

In addition to sports, I also enjoy watching cooking shows. This one I can't justify with any kind of artistic motivation...I like to eat, and watching people make food is funny most of the time! That said, I have noticed one interesting trend that applies to pretty much any competition situation: the simple dishes like … Continue reading Fruit Salad Failings: The Difficulty of Doing Something Simple

Good Jazz Reads

Reading about an aural tradition sometimes seems unnecessary, as practically all of the Jazz masters learned their craft from studying recordings. Still, I have found a few books especially profound, as they articulate artistic approaches, practice techniques, and experiences on the road. Here are some of my suggestions: Wynton Marsalis: To a Young Jazz Musician … Continue reading Good Jazz Reads